Certificate Number #1116069258

1.50 Carat, CB (CB) Shape

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Diamond Grading Report

Shape and Cutting StyleCB
Measurements7.00x6.33x4.42 mm
Grading Results
Carat Weight1.50 carat
Color GradeJ
Clarity GradeVS1
Cut Grade
Additional Grading Information
Additional Comments:

Additional Information

  • Lab: GIA
  • Depth: 69.8
  • table: 64
  • Girdle Thin: VTN
  • Girdle Thick: XTK
  • Culet Size: N
  • Certificate Number: 1116069258
  • Vendor Stock Number: DPG RD150
  • Matched Pair Stock Number:
  • Fancy Color:
  • Fancy Color Intensity:
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